Episode #27-Asking the Right Questions So We Can Build Strong Relationships with Our Children

Today, Monica is going to discuss the importance of learning how to ask questions that lead to great discussions with your children.  She is also going to teach you how to approach asking questions with a heart of excitement and anticipation of learning more about our children and their lives.

Too often, asking questions to our children becomes an interrogation which leads to resentment and hurt feelings.  We don’t want to do this parents.  We have got to learn how to ask questions that send messages of love  to our children that we trust them, assume the best about them and love when they share their lives with us.

As we recognize that there is a time for listening, a time for expressing concern and a time to take action, understanding that these usually are not at the same time, we will be more effective in creating an atmosphere of openness and trust with our children.  So often, it takes just the right question to get our children or grandchildren to open up about what’s really going on in their life.

Please listen.  Please set aside a little time for yourself to absorb this information and as you are prayerful, asking the Lord to help you to know how to apply these principles into your life, he will guid you and support you and help you.

Thank you for listening and sharing!

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