Episode #33 Helping Our Children to Manage their Anger

Parents, do you have a child that struggles to express their emotions appropriately?  Do you have a child that struggles to keep their anger in check and it is affecting the family and others around them?  If you would like powerful insight into understanding the feelings of anger and how to help your children learn to appropriately manage their anger, join Monica Irvine today for this compelling discussion on this important topic.

Monica will go over the principles of:

  • the source of anger
  • what parents may do that can escalate the situation
  • the two things that children need when they have already escalated
  • the time for discipline
  • creating a plan with your child for appropriate responses
  • how role play can give your child a way to express their emotions appropriately
  • and more

Listen today!  The more we know, the better equipped we are to parent and love our children.  Parents, you are enough and you are equipped to parent your children in the way that is best for them.


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