Episode #56: Talking to Your Children about Sexual Intimacy within the Bounds Set By Heavenly Father

Hello Parents,

Yikes!  Don’t freak out on me.  Yes, I know how you feel about saying the “sex” word around your children.  Yes, I know already you’re starting to perspire just thinking about it but relax!  We got this.  We’re professionals right?  We’re parents!  We’re experts!  haha

No not really but we’re the best our kids have so we better figure out how this is going to work and exactly what and when we’re going to say it.  Listen today, as I discuss options and ideas and thoughts to consider when speaking and teaching our children about sexual intimacy within the bounds set by Heavenly Father.

I know that this topic is so important to you, but I also know that it can be overwhelming and intimidating when thinking of the best ways to approach this topic with our children.  Just listen.  Maybe you will hear something that makes it easier for you to approach with your children.  I hope so.

Listen now.

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