Episode #58: How to Teach our Children to Stay True to their Standards & Not Fall Prey to Peer Pressure

Join Monica today, as she discusses 6 ways to help your children develop a deeper belief and commitment to their standards so that  are not as likely to fall prey to peer pressure.  It’s not easy being a teen today, but it is possible to stay true to ourselves and true to our deepest beliefs, if we know why we believe in what we do.

The 6 steps Monica will be teaching today are:

  1. Developing the WHY behind my Belief
  2. If you Love Yourself and Those You’re With, Then you wouldn’t Put Yourself or Others in Harm’s Way
  3. Practice What you Will Say
  4. Decide ahead of Time, What you’re Willing To Risk to Stay True
  5. Peace That Only Comes from God
  6. True Freedom

Parents, this is a perfect podcast to listen with your children, one step at a time.  It is guaranteed to bring about positive effective conversation and opens up lots of opportunities to dive in to deep principles.

Listen Today!

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