Episode #60: Correct Principles Taught is the Key to Helping our Children Handle Conflict Compassionately

Hi Parents,

I am so excited for you to listen to this episode!  To me, it’s so exciting when I know there are real tangible answers to our  biggest issues in our families.  Conflict is something every one of us deal with and learning how to handle conflict with grace, compassion and empathy can literally change our lives.

Don’t you want your children to be able to better handle it when they are in a disagreement with a sibling or a friend from school?  Don’t you want more peace and unity in the home and with your extended family?  What about with those neighbors of yours who support that other political party???

Ya’ll, there is a path and a roadmap to give you exactly what you want.  Peace!!  It has been laid out for us in beautiful detail so we don’t have to wonder how to do it.  It’s right before our eyes.  It’s at our fingertips.  The answer how to solve every single conflict you face has already been given to you.  Where is it you might be asking???

Listen today to find out!!  Your kids can listen too and I promise, there will be great discussion to follow.


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