Episode #64: How do I Teach My Children to Love Their Enemies?

Today, we are going to discuss the principle of “Loving our Enemies.”  I can’t think of a better topic to discuss in our current climate than this.

In the process of teaching our children to love their enemies, we will first, identify who our enemies are.  We have to know exactly who the Lord was speaking about when he gave us this council.

Second, we need to identify what does it look like and feel like to love someone.  I think we know how to do this, right?  I mean, surely we know how to love.

Finally, we will identify why this is important.  Surely the Lord doesn’t give us a commandment just for the fun of it.  Surely, there is purpose in all that he councils us.

Come, listen and let’s get excited to review the beautiful gift of Loving Our Enemies!

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