Episode #31- Managing Food Allergies with Extended Family and Friends


I know it can be challenging when we or our children suffer with food allergies, sometimes severe.  What sometimes adds to these difficulties is when we do not feel supported or understood in our commitment to keeping our children safe.  I believe when hurt feelings arise, it is often a lack of communication.   Other times, a lack of communication is the issue.

We can make a huge difference in how others understand the dilemma these allergies create and ways that others can contribute to keeping our children safe.  It’s all in how we perceive others and how we give information.  Listen to Monica Irvine today, as she helps us consider a better and more positive way to approach others when communicating regarding our children’s needs.

Mrs Irvine will also give helpful tips on managing holiday gatherings and polite responses when you are invited to holiday dinners and parties.  The good news is that there is always a way to show others value, in every situation.  Listen now.


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